On the day that iPad rolled out its global launch, we thought it would be apt to look at the levels of consumer interest in e-readers.

In the latest wave of our global survey we introduced a question about the potential interest in innovative devices. The following chart shows the breakdown of the answers by countries related to the e-readers category.

Basically if the price is right there is massive demand in all markets.

Interestingly the levels of interest are similar across all markets and broadly in line with the US. At around 35%. This shows a potential market of millions, but not a PC or mobile scale market. Considering that very few people have experienced the device in the first place it is surprising that about one third of the sample shows a strong interest in it.

Unexpectedly, the interest in e-readers is almost evenly spread across all age groups (with Germany being the exception). This goes against the common knowledge that only sees young people as early adopters of technological gadgets. Instead, our research shows that almost all age groups are equally appealed to e-readers and this should be kept into consideration when developing content and applications for the e-reader market.

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