With McDonald’s having more than 36,000 restaurants globally in over 100 countries, today we explore how its ambition to create fully recyclable packaging by 2025 could help spread its global reach still further by appealing to eco-conscious consumers.

Currently, almost 2 in 10 McDonald’s customers are self-reported Eco-Consumers – wanting brands to be eco-friendly and agreeing they would pay more for sustainable products. This figure remains consistent across the ages; by region, it hits a high in APAC but falls to a low of around 1 in 10 customers in North America.

The scope for greater engagement with this eco-conscious consumer segment is plain to see. Working to change perceptions by acknowledging the need for a sustainable approach is likely to position the company well for this growth, and meet the wants of some of its present customers who appreciate these values.

McDonalds Customers are respondents who say they consume McDonalds at least monthly.

Eco-Conscious Consumers are defined as internet users aged 16-64 who say brands should produce eco-friendly products and agree that they would pay more for sustainable/eco-friendly products.

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