As we saw yesterday, consumer reviews and feedback on social media would increase the likelihood of Millennial Mothers making purchases online. In today’s chart, we explore what most motivates these consumers to become brand advocates after purchase.

In line with global advocacy trends, high-quality products and the availability of rewards are ahead of all other tracked options. They achieve figures of almost 1 in 2 among Millennial Mothers, peaking for these consumers in the Middle East and Africa region.Despite lower % figures for where these consumers over-index the most for advocacy motivations, they are all centered around the same concept of community. Around 1 in 4 say they would promote a favorite brand when “something is relevant to their friends’ interests”, while a similar figure would do so purely out of “the feeling of taking part/being involved”.

As 55% of Millennial Mothers posted an online review last month, this audience is ripe for brands to acquire willing advocates. But as the sense of a community plays a big role for consumers and some brands will be concerned with their reputation within these communities, the quality and relevance of specific content will make all the difference.

Millennial Mothers are defined as female internet users born between 1983-1996 who have at least one child aged 16 or below.

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