Continuing our series this week focused on Millennial Mothers, today we look at what features would most increase their likelihood of buying a product online.

The impact of price considerations on this audience is immediately evident, with free delivery and the availability of coupons and discounts sitting at least 10 %-points ahead of all other options tracked. But that’s not to say that convenience is unimportant here; many appreciate the flexibility of an easy returns policy and next-day delivery services, too.

What marks Millennial Mothers apart from others becomes clearer when we explore where they over-index the most. They’re more likely to appreciate what social media can offer at this final phase of the purchase journey, sitting ahead of the average for being motivated by the option to make purchases on social, and are more impacted by reviews from brand advocates in the space – something we will explore in tomorrow’s Chart of the Day (10/03/18).

And despite a relatively low figure here of 15% for using “buy buttons”, numbers are higher among Millennial Mothers in certain fast-growth markets where social commerce has had more success so far, such as Singapore (29%), India (26%) and Indonesia (22%). In those markets in the West where this kind of commerce is yet to experience significant uptake, this audience could be key for brands looking to experiment.

Millennial Mothers are defined as female internet users born between 1983-1996 who have at least one child aged 16 or below.

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