Capping off our series this week comparing Millennials and Gen Zers, today’s Chart of the Day looks at ad-susceptibility among the two generations.

It’s no secret that younger age groups are driving the ad-blocking trend, but our data makes clear that it’s primarily Millennials – not the younger Gen Zers – who are more inclined to take control of their online experiences using ad-blockers. But what’s most interesting is that while Millennials are the more determined ad-blockers, they are also the generation more susceptible to advertising more broadly – 45% say they tend to buy brands they see advertised, compared to 38% of Gen Zers.

We’ve already seen that Millennials are more ‘brand loyal’ and ‘brand conscious’ compared to Gen Zers. For this hard-to-reach younger generation, it’s clear that non-intrusive ad formats are the most effective. Not only does ad-frustration weigh in more heavily in their ad-blocking motivations compared to Millennials, but their brand interaction preferences paint a picture of a generation much more comfortable with approaching the brand themselves with the incentive of genuine experiences via branded games and videos.

Generation Z Report Q2 2017

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