With 6 in 10 smartphone owners saying they intend to upgrade/purchase a mobile handset over the next year, today’s chart takes a look at which mobile brands are likely to reap the rewards.

When we ask respondents which brand(s) would be top choice for their next handset, 41% select an iPhone, effectively putting Apple on the same level as its major competitor, Samsung (on 42%). The reputation these two brands have achieved is plain to see, sitting well ahead of the other big challenger brands.

The desire for a Samsung is greatest in its home country, South Korea, with almost 8 in 10 Smartphone Owners selecting it as a future choice. The want for an iPhone, however, peaks in the Middle East, where 60% of this audience in the UAE and Saudi Arabia are keen to choose this handset.

Apple has faced some tough competition in Asia from the region’s major brands, but as Thailand, Vietnam and Japan complete the top 5 markets for the iPhone, the potential for Apple in this region remains as strong as ever.

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