Yesterday we saw that the typical internet user now holds 8 different social media/messaging accounts – but this is a figure that is subject to some strong variation by age and region.

16-34s are by far the biggest multi-networkers, having an average of almost 9 different social media accounts. As well as spending the longest each day on social media, this is also the result of 16-24s being the most likely to be visiting social platforms on their mobiles (95% do vs just 64% of 55-64s). Through mobiles, digital consumers have access to all their social media apps in one place, allowing them to easily dip in and out of different accounts.

Across the regions, Latin Americans mark themselves out as the keenest on having a diverse social media portfolio. Figures are also high across APAC, but dip to around 6 in Europe and North America – the result of online populations skewing slightly older here.

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