Today we release our latest infographic: Daily Media Consumption – Traditional vs. Digital.

The infographic, created using the latest wave of GlobalWebIndex data, demonstrates the ongoing global shift towards greater digital media consumption, with social networking driving this in many emerging markets.

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Some key findings are:

  • In 5 of the 31 markets we track, users spend more time on average social networking than watching TV. These markets demonstrate the global opportunity of social media, with Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, UAE and Vietnam making up the top five.
  • In all markets except France, Germany and Netherlands internet time via PC and mobile exceeds a combination of offline media, including TV, Radio and Press
  • Consumers in markets such as Argentina, Malaysia and Thailand spend most time with media both traditional and digital, with Argentina topping the scales at 12.98 hours daily. Consumers in Japan and South Korea spend the least time with the former spending just 7.56 hours.
  • Chinese consumers spend the least time with traditional media, which accounts for just 35% of their media time. Games consoles, online PC and online mobile account for the rest of the 9.43 media hours they consume each day
  • Internet users in the USA watch 3.6 hours of TV a day on average, more TV than any other nation on earth
  • The two leading mobile internet markets in terms of time spent per day are Saudi Arabia and UAE, an average of 2.2 hours and 2 respectfully
  • The top 3 markets for time spent social networking per day are the Philippines (averaging 2.8 hours), Argentina (2.7 hours) and Brazil (2.7 hours)

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