January 2013 sees the rolling out of additional services that enable users to access all aspects of the GlobalWebIndex data set on-demand by downloading reports and data packs using “GWI Credits”. This new model will sit alongside our current self-service tools and be accessible by a new online interface that will also be provided to all existing clients.

Credits can either be purchased ad-hoc, in bulk packs, or via a monthly subscription. All existing customers will be upgraded to our Pro License that includes a limited number of credits free of charge, so that they can immediately start downloading content. Clients can also use credits to commission projects or consulting pieces as per demand.

The use of credits allows us to provide more dynamic pricing for downloads, with the credit value of a download dictated by the level of data coverage, number of variables, markets, and level of demand. New clients will immediately receive an initial 10 credits to start accessing and sampling our data packs, providing a zero risk and highly flexible usage model.

The use of credits to buy digital content is well established in fields such as stock photos and consumer products like Pay-as-You-Go mobile phones or travel cards, but have never been applied to the distribution of market research data and represents a revolutionary and disruptive shift for the research business. This move is part of our on-going agenda to democratise research data and enable its power to be utilised by the widest possible audience. These changes provide a flexible model that delivers to every budget, frequency of need, and level of customisation required. We already work with many clients who have never purchased a research product before and this shift will further our goal of enabling market research to drive more intelligent decision making. In the case of the GlobalWebIndex, this means more creative, inspirational and, ultimately, more effective consumer-centric digital marketing communications.

For existing users this grows the value and cements the position of GlobalWebIndex as the industry’s standard. The more people use it and are aware of it, the more value it has. The new service also makes it far easier for clients to discover data and share it within their organisations. Crucially, the analysis platform and report builder tools are only available to Pro License holders and remain as the only ways clients can pull unlimited data requests and customise to your specific target audiences.

Accessing data:

  • Reports: We will be releasing monthly reports that cover new agenda setting topics such as our recent “Social Platforms Global Series” or “Social Engagement Benchmark”. Our reports provide unique insights and develop new perspectives on how we should build effective and inspiring digital communications. We will also be releasing more detailed “Who are….” reports that explore key user groups such as Mums, Android users, iPhone users and Bloggers, among much else.
  • Data packs: We have segmented our data set into over 30,000+ downloadable files covering all of our survey questions and key data points in our research. These are segmented by individual countries, regions and global data sets, providing splits by key demographics and trend data.

Discovering data:

Users will be able to discover reports and data packs via the new GlobalWebIndex search engine that enables discovery through key word search, tags, meta data (e.g most searched, most purchased etc.) and recommended purchases.

We will use this data to deliver a more relevant future product by tracking what data is most used, demanded and searched for. This will enable the tailoring of future questions or sub-products that deliver to our clients specific needs.

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