Completing this week’s series exploring how smart home products are performing among internet users in the U.S.A., today we focus specifically on voice-controlled assistants/speakers and their built-in ability to deliver news to consumers.

It’s just over 4 in 10 Daily News Readers who say they currently use or are planning to purchase one of these smart devices, putting this group 19% ahead of the global average for this figure. And compared to internet users of the same age group, Daily News Readers across the ages significantly over-index for this interest.

The opportunity for partnerships is already becoming commonplace; Amazon and the news broadcaster CNN have partnered on the Alexa, for example. But there is still scope for news publishers to achieve greater awareness of how traditional news can be consumed via this new technology, and to claim their space in the smart sphere.

News Readers are defined as internet users aged 16-64 who say they typically spend at least 30 minutes a day reading press in physical print or online.

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