In a preview of our upcoming Gaming Insight Report, today’s Chart looks at the changing role of games consoles in today’s media landscape.

‘Gaming’ is no longer the absolute focal point of console functionality. Now, the console serves as a household media hub. These consoles allow consumers to browse the internet, upload content to social networks, communicate with friends, listen to music, shop online, and importantly; engage with various forms of online TV.

Focusing specifically on Console Gamers, we see that it’s certainly not insignificant numbers who are choosing to use their games consoles as a source of TV entertainment, especially in their core markets like North America and LatAm. It’s for watching subscription services such as Netflix for which games consoles emerge as an important access point. 13% from this group are engaging overall, climbing to an impressive 1 in 5 in LatAm and 1 in 4 in North America.

With these added functionalities, consumers now have more reasons to use their consoles, helping to explain why daily time spent on games consoles among internet users has seen consistent increases since 2012, now standing at just under an hour per day.

North America Leads for Watching Subscription TV Services on Games ConsolesExplore data in PRO PlatformDownload Device Q1 2017

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