Following yesterday’s chart on devices used for commerce by Online Grocery Shoppers, today we explore a new section of our data looking at smart home products, with a specific focus on voice-controlled assistants/speakers (such as the Amazon Echo or Google Home).

It’s almost 6 in 10 Online Grocery Shoppers who say they currently use one of these smart devices or are planning a purchase in the next 6 months, putting this group 19% ahead of the global average for interest in these devices. And importantly, this trend holds across the world regions, with engagement peaking in the Middle East & Africa.

There is a visible opportunity then for companies from the two industries – grocery and voice-based tech – to capitalize on the enthusiasm of these consumers, partnering on customized ‘skills’ or applications that are available on these devices. Just as Walmart and Google have done by partnering on voice-based shopping, for example.

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