We’re releasing an update to the online analysis platforms available to all GlobalWebIndex PRO License holders. The update includes a number of work-flow improvements, a new tool solution, enhanced server performance, a refresh to the look-and-feel including the brand name, PRO Tools, to align with the soon to be re-launched globalwebindex.net together with a range of new and updates services.

Below you find a list of key updates together with a link where you can register to attend our PRO Tools Webinar on Thursday 28th (Link to webinar registration page) to gain a comprehensive understanding of the updates and how they improve your PRO Tools experience. If you wish to set up a one on one session with your account manager to walk through the PRO Tools updates click here (Link to contact@globalwebindex.net) to send us an email and we will contact you directly to set this up.


The name change signifies the PRO License holder benefits including access to the PRO Tools; Audience PRO, Report PRO & Cross-Tab PRO together with access to reports and consulting support and account management. As we continue to provide updates and evolve the GlobalWebIndex the “PRO” label will guide you to differentiate your solutions and benefits.

Report PRO (New)
Report PRO has been developed to provide a simple and visual experience by providing brand new functionality to access an immediate snapshot view of multiple questions within pre-defined report templates against up to two audiences within any country. Report PRO also enables PDF exports of the reports, a feature also replicated across the Audience PRO & Cross-Tab PRO tools.

Audiences & Demographic View becomes Analysis PRO
We have merged the Audience Analysis & Demographic View under Audience PRO providing a seamless experience enabling you to easily switch between custom audience segments created in the Audience Builder and top-line market analysis.

Audience Builder workflow update
The Audience Builder has had a refresh of the look and feel together with an enhanced workflow solution making the navigation clearer and the audiences bank fully visible at all times. All audiences created in Audience Builder are available across both the Audience PRO & Report PRO tools.

PDF Export
With the introduction of Report PRO we have added the ability to export to PDF in addition to Excel across Audience PRO & Cross-Tab PRO. This functionality has been incorporated to support the Report PRO ability to provide a snapshot view that can be brought to light in meetings, discussions or shared with colleagues via email.

On-going developments of the Report PRO tool will see added functionality and the ability for clients to customise reports to fit in line with their frameworks.

Single Page log-in – PRO Tools
You will continue to access the PRO Tools from the main horizontal navigation after you have logged in to your client pages with all of the tools being available from the single log-in “PRO Tools”

Browser Agnostic
The PRO Tools continue to be browser agnostic enabling you to access our services from any preferred browser.

PRO Tools Training Webinar – Thursday 28th February (Clients Only)
We are providing you with the opportunity to attend a client only webinar on Thursday 28th @ 8am GMT (Session 1) and 4pm GMT (Session 2).

To Register – CLICK HERE

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