Completing our series examining the audience of Online Grocery Shoppers, today we look at what motivates them to complete a purchase online.

While our purchase drivers question asks about all purchases, not just groceries, it’s still striking that free delivery (65%) takes the top spot with almost twice the figure as next-day delivery (34%). Even in an audience defined by FMCG/CPG buying habits, delivery which is free is prized over delivery which is quick. With coupons and discounts (53%) in second place, the impact of price considerations on this audience is evident – particularly so in North America, where 80% of Online Grocery Shoppers choose free delivery, and where loyalty points also perform well.

But that’s not to say convenience is unimportant; many buyers value an easy returns policy (41%) and an easy checkout process (36%), especially in mature markets. One factor which performs well in fast-growth markets like MEA, by contrast, is click and collect delivery, which underlines how the younger and more urban demographic of those regions favours flexibility in delivery, as much as its price.

The coming years are likely to see considerable changes in how grocery products are bought, delivered, and collected, but in providing new solutions to online grocery consumers, the fundamental consideration of cost should not be overlooked.

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