The Q2 2013 research wave was released this week to all clients and in addition to the sample increases in the US and UK, brings with it many new and exciting question additions:

1. Multi-Channel TV Brand Question

The main reason for this questionnaire addition was demand from clients to gain insight to cross-device consumption for international TV brands and enable, for the first time, a global view on cross-device viewing. Clients can now generate a total reach for a range of leading brands, providing not just interesting insights on the impact of digital on TV viewing but also critical data for media owners and buyers. This addition has already proved valuable as we’ve already had clients invest to expand the coverage of this question to include new channels at both the global and local level.

2. Linking TV brands to web

We have also integrated international media and TV brands into our existing multi-platform visitation question that explores website and app usage on PC, mobile and tablet.

This provides first time insights into cross-device and cross-content audience as shown in the CNN example below.

3. Other Additions:

  • Instagram is now covered as part of our social platforms used by device. Previously, the Facebook owned application had been incorporated into the “Specific Mobile Applications Used” question.
  • “Banking / Financial services” has been added as a new option to the question: “Thinking about mobile applications, which of the following categories have you downloaded from in the past month?”
  • The question “With which of the following political parties do you associate yourself with?” has been added in the GlobalWebIndex US survey.

Making Additions to Q3 2013

As always, there are three ways clients can customise the GlobalWebIndex core survey for their own purposes:

  • Private Data: Clients can integrate specific brand or audience questions which are linked to the total data set but are available exclusively to the commissioning client. Some examples from past waves include attitudinal statements for segmentation creation and brand tracking questions.
  • Public Data: Clients can integrate questions of interest but make them available to all users. There are benefits to this if you are a media owner that wishes to have a wider brand set integrated, or if you wish to utilise the data for a whitepaper or PR but feel public availability adds to its value.
  • General Amends: We also make general amends based on client feedback that are free of charge. These include adding options, or amending existing questions in order to keep up with changes in the online environment.

Should you wish to request additions to our next research wave which launches in the middle of August, please get in touch with us by the 24th July.

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