This weekend will see a number of updates to the analysis platform, which we’re very excited about rolling out. If you would like additional training please contact your account manager.

Named User Accounts

One implication of our update is that we are switching to named (non – concurrent) user accounts. This has many benefits for you, including the fact that when you exit the tool you will return to your last position. If you see a message “lost connection”, this means that someone else has logged in with your account, or you have left the window open for too long and you have been timed out. Simply refresh the page.

f you need additional access under your arrangement, please contact and this will be arranged via your account manager.

Totally Browser Agnostic

You can now use the analysis platform on Firefox, IE, Safari or Chrome, no plug ins. The user experience is exactly the same.

Saving your last position

On popular demand, now when you re-enter the tool you will return to your last position.

Interacting / filtering charts (CTRL and left mouse button)

Hold down control and you can click with the left mouse button on the bars you want to display. You can also do this on the key on the right hand side.

Drag and Drop data sheets

You can now reorganise the data sheet exact as you wish to see the data. Just click with the left mouse button and hold and then you can drag each of the bars to top, side or inside. Play around and see.

Splitting data / Charts

Simply click and the right mouse button on the “onion” and you get a list of variables to break down.

Improved Visual Charting

Now we have more spacing, vertical gridlines and short text labels

Saving an audience

Now just hit “enter” to save

New hosting and URL location

We are now hosting on Amazon S3, which provides better global coverage. We are also switching the platform to the following URL: If you are still being linked to this URL:|Live/Trendstream%20Production.qvw&client=Ajax – you need to clear your cache (CTRL + F5). We also recommend that you add analysisplatform.globalwebindex to you trusted URLs.

You’ve read our blog, now see our platform

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