We are very pleased to roll out the latest wave of data that is already driving unique first time insights.

To make the analysis process even easier we made a few small revisions to how you access the data in the tool:

  1. We have revised the categories to make some of data areas more visible and easier to find. For example, our purchasing data is now grouped into “E-Commerce”, and “Mobile” now exists as a major category. Download the full description.
  2. Web brands and social platforms that are localised now have the country specific description. As you will see, despite the rise of global social platforms, there is still an large and vibrant number of local players.
  3. Over the waves, we have also built up quite a list of attitudinal statements, some of which expressed extremely similar sentiments to other statements. So, in an effort to makes all our lives easier, these statements have been consolidated somewhat. Please bear this in mind when building your audiences, and always remember, if there are some statements that are needed, they can be added in using bespoke re-contact survey solutions.

Rolling out new content

As we’ve shared previously we will shortly be rolling out data packs, which enable instant downloads of all our data and a series of reports, kicking off with an exploration into the true state of social platforms globally and individual deep dives into key social platforms like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

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