Ahead of the Six Nations Championship beginning this coming weekend, today we explore why it’s worth Six Nations broadcasters investing in streams of the matches and related content online.

The primary position that linear television holds in the rugby viewing behaviors of European Six Nations Fans is clear, especially for those in the markets of the competing nations. But with around 2 in 10 choosing to watch rugby online, there is certainly an online presence to be acknowledged, and one that is sure to grow as momentum in online media consumption picks up.

In fact, 6 in 10 of these Fans watched any sports coverage or highlights online last month, indicating that the relatively low viewing figures here are not through a lack of interest in online services, but instead possibly due to the quality of the online offerings currently available.

Providing access to this content through connected devices online could extend the Championship’s global reach, while creating opportunities for varied types of direct engagement with the Championship’s most dedicated fans.

Six Nations Fans are defined as those who say they watch the Six Nations Championship on TV or online.

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