As we’ve already seen this week in our charts covering smart home entertainment, Smart TV Owners are watching a combination of both broadcast and online TV.

Further exploring their diverse TV engagement habits, today’s chart shows this group frequently ventures beyond their smart TVs, watching their favorite TV shows and films across a broad range of devices, demonstrating that it’s the content, not the device, that governs preferences.

While they are still most likely to turn to their TV sets across the three forms of TV entertainment in our chart, there are significant numbers engaging on their PCs/laptops and mobiles, too. This tells us that this audience tends to consume TV content in the home and on-the-go, something which is clearly demonstrated in our data.

Although this audience is most likely to watch TV in the evenings between 7-10pm, there’s also a significant amount watching during the typical commute time of 6-9am, or the typical lunch time of 12-2pm. In all cases, they are ahead of average for engaging with TV at these times during weekdays.

As such, Smart TV Owners want to be able to continue watching their favorite shows on their mobiles and their PCs/laptops, depending on their environment. It’s also important to remember that due to the increasing availability of “casting” from a variety of devices onto a TV set, it is becoming increasingly outdated to try and maintain a pure distinction between linear vs online TV/streaming, as well as device-based TV engagement.

Smart TV Owners are defined as internet users aged 16-64 who personally own a smart TV.

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