Today’s chart compares the impact of influencer marketing across social networkers of the major platforms.

When we ask social media users about the ways they discover new brands, products or services, visitors of Snapchat emerge as the most receptive to influencer marketing overall.

Almost 4 in 10 Snapchat users say they discover brands via celebrity endorsements, online posts from expert bloggers or through vlogs.

44% of Snapchatters are from the 16-24 age group, providing marketers with a significant opportunity to engage a younger audience who have a known affinity for influencer content.

Snapchat already provides its most influential users with insight into who they’re reaching with their content, but has more recently announced it’s testing its “swipe up” commerce feature with top creators.

With the launch of IGTV for long-form video content, Instagram continues to add formats that make the platform an ideal ground for influencer marketing. And it’s good news for brands who choose the platform that over a third of its visitors already say they discover brands through influencer marketing.

YouTube may have once been the home for vloggers, and key in initial stages of influencer marketing, but here it falls at the bottom of the list alongside Facebook.

Important to note is that these have the largest following of all the social platforms. For advertisers and influencers then, there is a balance to be found between maximizing potential consumer reach and using resource on those who are most receptive to this experiential form of marketing.

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