Social commerce was once primed to transform the way we shop online. As we enter 2018, however, it’s a trend that has gained traction in parts of Asia but is yet to take hold in the West.

In our new Trends 18 report (download a free copy here), we explore how two converging trends could lay the groundwork for social commerce to re-enter the stage: changing consumer mindsets and evolving social engagement patterns.

Online buying – once a PC/laptop-centric activity due to their perceived security benefits – is now a mobile-first activity. The reason this is good news for social commerce is quite simple: for commerce and social activities to take place in the same space, it needs to be on mobile (just look at the success of WeChat as a commerce platform).

Elsewhere, social is strengthening its role as a product research channel and capturing more of the consumer’s daily time with each passing year. These both point towards networking behaviors becoming less centered around sharing content about daily lives, and more oriented around fulfilling more purposeful activities such as online shopping. Brands must nurture those areas where social and commerce activities currently overlap the most – if social commerce doesn’t make a serious impact this time around, it’s unlikely to get another chance.

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