Are the most engaged social networkers the most receptive to influencer marketing?

In a nutshell: yes, the more time they spend on social media each day, the more receptive users are to influencers.

This remains the case whether their time is spent on vlogs, celebrity endorsements or expert bloggers. Rates of brand discovery for these data-points peak at just under 20% for Heavy Users of social media, i.e. internet users who spend more than two hours per day on social.

Looking at our data in more detail shows how influencer channels like vlogs and blogs compete with the rest of the media they consume when it comes to finding new brands.

For the heaviest social media visitors, vlogs are still a minority channel for brand discovery.

However, they’re as influential as radio, and almost as effective as cinema. As far as brand messaging is concerned, vlogs are a key part of their media portfolio.

As influencer marketing spreads across different types of media, and can be hard to identify when it’s designed to be non-interruptive, our chart today uses three data-points to track its effectiveness. And with these three data-points, we can identify a subtle shift in how influencer marketing works across regions.

Focusing again on Heavy Users of social media, Asia Pacific is the only region where celebrity endorsements are more effective for brand discovery than expert bloggers. In all other regions, the data suggests that micro-influencers could be more effective, with internet users influenced more by expertise than celebrity status. In APAC, the influence comes from star power more than expertise.

Audiences are defined by the time they spend on social media each day. A full explanation can be found here.

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