In today’s chart, we take a look at whether beer drinkers prefer to watch their favourite sports on TV or online.

Across the top 5 favorite sports of beer drinkers, about 40% of viewers say they are watching online. TV remains the primary way that beer drinkers engage with sports but the expansion of online offerings is having a clear impact. For soccer, for example, that translates to 23% of beer drinkers watching online coverage, which may be due to the direct access to the wealth of related content on the key moments from the games they watch.

While TV will continue to demand the largest ad spend for beer brands targeting consumers via sports broadcasting, these figures demonstrate the broad customer base that can be engaged via online sports coverage, targeted content and commentary across a range of sports.

To understand the broader picture of how digital media is challenging traditional broadcasting, download our report on digital vs. traditional media consumption now.

Beer Drinkers are defined as internet users aged 18-64 (21-64 in the U.S.A.) who say they drink beer at least once a month.

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