With the social media scene in constant change, we are excited to release the latest quarterly update on global social media trends, Stream Social: Q2 2103. In the report, we find some interesting new trends developing with Pinterest and Tumblr becoming the fastest growing social platforms over the past year. Also, we continue to see a decline in local social platforms as the major global players in social continue to gain traction around the world.

The most important, if not unexpected finding is that Facebook maintains its place as the most popular social platform globally with 69% of all internet users worldwide having a Facebook account and 43% actively using (used or contributed to) Facebook in the past month as of Q2 2013. Perhaps even more important is the fact that Facebook also has the highest user engagement with 62% of account holders actively using the social network on at least a monthly basis.

Other findings include:

  • Pinterest is the fastest growing social platform globally with its active user base growing by 88% year on year in Q2 2013.
  • Google+ maintains its status as the second most popular social platform in terms of active usage, registering an estimated 318 million users worldwide;
  • Facebook account penetration in many emerging markets is over 80% among internet users;
  • Twitter shows an active usage ratio of 49% compared to that of Google+ which stands at 44%;
  • Usage of social media as a whole is growing fastest among the 35 to 44 year old demographic with usage of Google+ by the age group increasing by over 200% year on year in Q2 2013;

If you’ve been following our Stream Social series over the last couple of quarters, you’ll be able to see the shifts currently occurring in the social media space. Twitter has now be dethroned by Pinterest as the fastest growing social platform, and Tumblr has also seen a significant spike in its active user base after its acquisition by Yahoo!. With our Q3 2013 fieldwork currently under way, I encourage everyone to stay tuned so that we can better monitor these shifts and understand what they mean for our clients and brands.

We’ll be hosting a live webinar on September 12th with the possibility to ask your questions directly to me. Please click on the image below to register.

For the full Stream Social: Q2 2013 report, please follow this link.


Stream Social Q2 2013 is now available on our Youtube Channel. Enjoy!

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