There’s no doubt that consumers use social media to talk about brands but some brands and sectors generate more conversations than others.

We’ve been tracking what consumers talk about since 2011 and our analysis of the top four ‘most talked about products’ reveals that the volume of conversation has increased dramatically since Q4 2011.

Based on the responses from 160,000 individuals in 31 markets, we can identify mobile phones, computers, fashion/clothing and films/movies as the categories that consumers are most opinionated about online.

They are also significantly more likely to talk about them than they were 18 months ago. Sharing opinions are up 50% for mobile, +50% for computers, +20% for fashion/clothing and +53% for films/movies.

This is encouraging news for brands. Thanks to social they can not only take part in the conversation but also quickly address any complaints and engage with supporters and influencers.

Our data shows how consumers are talking and what they are talking about. That information is vital for brands to understand the viral potential of their products and how likely consumers are to share their opinion.

GlobalWebIndex’s PRO Subscribers can also segment this data by 1,202 core demographics, 54 attitudinal statements, 24 interests and online passions, 110 workplace variables, 50 product types and 20 online motivations.

Other users can can download the “Products Talked About Online” data pack from our Insight Store or get in touch with our team.

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