For our midweek post, we preview more data from our new Audience Report on the Top 1% – the wealthiest consumers who own at least one property outright and have additional wealth/assets worth a minimum of 1 million USD.

While PCs/laptops continue to dominate – being the devices that the Top 1% are most likely to own and most likely to use in order to access the internet – the importance of smartphones is abundantly clear: nearly 80% personally own one.

Further down the list, the Top 1% have a clear lead when it comes to almost all devices. Over 60% own a tablet, for example – putting them about 30% ahead of average – while half have games consoles and smart televisions.

Most significant of all are the figures for wearables: a third report having a smartwatch and a quarter have a smart wristband. In both instances, that means they are about 3.5x more likely than average to have one of these devices.


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Jason is Chief Research Officer at GWI. He's the main man who leads our global team of analysts, delivering world-renowned research. He's an in-demand data junkie who you might see popping up on your telly screens every so often to show you what's actually happening in the lives of consumers.

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