We at the GlobalWebIndex want to apologize for recent problems with our Turkey data that has caused us to delay its full release as part of the global roll-out of Wave 4.

The delay is the result of an extensive internal review of the data, during which we uncovered some minor irregularities in the educational sample structure of the Turkish data set provided to us by our fieldwork partners. As you all know, Turkey is a new market, and it is critical that we get the correct user profile to give an accurate representation of the market.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to know when we will be able to release our Wave 4 Turkish data in its entirety as we are now in the process of a full review in conjunction with our fieldwork partners in Turkey. Rest assured that we are moving as quickly as we can because we know that Turkey is one of the fastest growing European Internet markets and is of critical importance to a number of our clients.

As always, please be in touch with any enquiries through support@trendstream.net, and we will keep you updated with further developments.

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