From Monday we will be launching the updated Version 4.0 of the GlobalWebIndex Analysis Platform.

Our new version represents a major step change in the tool development providing a far quicker, intuitive and rewarding experience. If you have used the tool before you will not require external orientation, just play and enjoy. For those not as familar we have a “Quick Start” guide to orientate yourself to the changes.

We will also be providing training which will include webinars and one to one support for our customers. For any questions or help with training please contact your account manager.

The core changes are as follows:

Speed of Usage

  • The tool infrastructure has been upgraded significantly and the database has been optimised to speed up processing time. The result is an extremely fast user experience on any browser.
  • The technology solution we use, Qlikview uses a remarkable “in memory” infrastrature that enables the end use to interact with 10gb of data in real time.
New Navigation and User Flow

    • A tabbed based system now replaces ribbon navigation. This makes it easier and quicker to switch modes and move around the tool
    • “DEMOGRAPHIC VIEW” now replaces “MARKET ANALYSIS”, the name better reflecting the purpose of the analysis, which is to cross reference questions by core groups of demographics.
    • “CROSSTAB VIEW” replaces “FREESTYLE ANALYSIS”, and is simplified to only cover the selection of “COLUMN” and “ROW” questions. Multiple question selections have been integrated into “DEMOGRAPHIC” and “AUDIENCE” views.
    • “PROFILE ANALYSIS” has been removed as the analysis result can be easily achieved with “CROSSTAB VIEW”
    • You now select questions directly from same page as you view the data, this speeds data selection and process. If you still want to view the data in the old format, this now exists on an explore the question page which can be accessed form the following button.
Multiple Questions

  • You can now select 4 questions in “DEMOGRAPHIC” and “AUDIENCE” views which means you can define your audiences or customise your demographics and then replicate this across 4 questions instantly
Audience View

  • Now you can add up to 8 audiences
  • A second demographic splitter has been added to the data view
Crosstab View

  • This has been simplified so you only need to select “ROW” and “COLUMN” variables.
  • You can now switch on and off which variables you want to see

  • We can now integrate a client specific tab, which can be customised to display, just the key variables from your private data, or key audiences you use on a daily basis. It can also be skinned to match your look and feel

We hope you enjoy the new analysis experience.

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