We hoped to have this live yesterday, but unfortunately set up of the data and processing of the data in Confirmit is taken longer than previously planned.

You will have access over the next 24 hours as we open and launch your individual data portals.

A quick recap on using each survey; Wave 2 is designed for looking at the latest trends, this data represents January 2010 and so is a very recent assessment of behaviour globally. The double base is when you want to look at detailed customer / target audiences segments or understand a small group of consumers.

It is too early to start using the data for trend analysis, we will do this from Wave 3 and we will also release an analysis module that allows easy tracking of trends.

If you have any questions in the meantime please contact: support@trendstream.net

In the meantime please find a quick preview of whats to come; the below chart shows indexes of “brand activation” channels for different product categories, indexed against the scores for a brand they like. Respondents score the channels on “relevancy to them”.

Initial Insights:

  • Many categories exceed the general average score
  • There are very clear category differences in what consumers want / expect brands to create. Whether you choose to reinforce these or break expectations is up to you
  • Higher indexes for technology and fashion brands where consumers have stronger associations

Some associations stand out;

  • Soft drinks and sports teams
  • Fashion and celebrity
  • Fashion / Technology and online community
  • Personal care and fashion

It will be very interesting to look at this by country and web segments, so more to come.

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