You should now have access to Wave 2, Wave 2 Top-line Stats and Wave 1 + 2 Double Base. Two new survey guides have been added to the Tutorials section. We highly recommend that you download these and review the content.

There a number of changes in Wave 2, these are hi-lighted in blue on the Wave 2 survey template.

The key additions / changes in summary:

  • Harmonised income breaks in Europe (h_q5au > h_q5us)
  • Addition of country region data (q13au > q13us)
  • Simplified media time question, that works along side activities so you can produce global and market by market day in the life charts with average minutes (q31a > q31g )
  • New frequency breaks for blogging / micro-blogging / social networking (q63b + q65b + q68b)
  • A question on what people would pay for, now with a split on micro-payments versus advertisign support (q85b)
  • A question in Micro-blogging about the content shared (q65b)
  • Brand activation questions by category, which is our largest addition and produces fascinating results (as previewed in the previous post) on which brand activations deliver by category in the eyes of consumers (q133)
  • Additions to the trusted sources question (q131)

When to use Wave 2 V The Double Base:

Wave 2 represents the latest trend data. This research is from January 2010, so the most update picture of global web and social media impact anywhere.

The double base is designed for detailed local market analysis if you are looking at a detailed audience or an audience based on job category for example.

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