We are currently reviewing the questionnaire for Wave 3, if you would like to make any of the following additions we need to know by the 30th of April:

  • Additional private questions e.g bespoke segmentation
  • Brand categories: We currently collect data on mobile and fashion categories (Awareness, ownership / purchase / advocacy), which can be made available to clients for additional fee (please contact us for more details if you are interested in these categories). If you would like to add additional brand categories please get in touch. These can be used to understand the performance of brands against key social media audiences and have proved to be very valuable data in terms of setting social brand strategy.
  • Rerunning the survey in additional markets alongside the main data set
  • Rerunning the survey against a niche audience to benchmark alongside the main data set

New Markets

We are committed to providing the broadest global reach as possible. Wave 3 will also see an expansion into new markets with Poland and Malaysia scheduled to come on board. We are also aiming to add Indonesia, South Africa, Sweden and Argentina in Wave 4.

New question areas

One area of focus that will expand in Wave 3 is mobile, which will be expanded to include a question on mobile motivations. Another area will be, to gain an understanding of the passive majority who do not contribute by asking questions on the barriers to involvement. We will also be providing further localisation of the sites that we include in the behavioural questions e.g where do you blog, where do you have profile etc

Any further suggestions are appreciated.

Please send any comments and queries on the above to tom@trendstream.net

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