The insight team is very pleased to announce that Wave 4 data is now in the GlobalWebIndex tool! Data is current as of last week and after a week of stringent cross-checking and verification of the data, all GlobalWebIndex subscribers now have access to the latest data on online trends and social media interaction.

You’ll also find data for the five new markets that have been added in Wave 4: Turkey, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Hong Kong. With four waves of trend data over the past year and a half, all GWI subscribers can now see a clear picture on the evolution of online and social media trends.

A critical aspect of the GlobalWebIndex is ensuring that our survey stays current with the latest trends in technology, and there are now a number of new areas in which we have collected data. Some of the new topics in Wave 4 include tablets and tablet usage, additional brand data for those who are lucky enough to subscribe, as well as a vastly expanded section on the consumption of consumer and pro video, TV and films online. The mobile section has also been significantly expanded and now includes data on mobile site brands, applications, and general access and behaviour.

And we’re not stopping here. Wave 5 preparations have already begun!

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