Delivering three sets of research a year on a global basis, means the cycle never stops. It’s a continual survey process.

It is certainly a challenge for our insight team, however it’s essential to stay on top of internet adoption trends and social media.

We’ve just rolled out Wave 4 and now we’ve already closed Wave 5 for survey additions and changes. There are a number of small changes in Wave 5, and we continue to add questions around mobile and tablets, the most interesting and dynamic area at the moment. According to Wave 4 data, tablets are set to totally redefine how we get online, so it is absolutely crucial we focus on this “Packaged Internet” space. We are also adding a couple of very interesting questions around consumer involvement with brands in social platforms.

New Questions

  • Roughly how many hours do you spend using the each type of media during a typical day?

This question had been removed, as we are not a general media survey, and to create space so that we can concentrate on our core remit of looking at the consumer adoption of the internet over all platforms. However due to popular demand and the lack of general media frequency questions in global data sources we have reinstated it. However it has been added in a simpler form than previous waves and is more designed to provide a top-line view on the level of mass media involvement.

  • Which of the following best describes your ethnic background? (USA Only)

We’re piloting this question in the US, due to client demand to be able to segment the Hispanic audience. If it is successful we will look to roll it out where there is local market need and / or where marketing focuses on ethic segments.

  • Which of the following best describes the location of your household?

This is key to understanding the urban / rural splits in fast growing internet markets. We also (and have always) collected local region data and we are looking to publish this from Wave 5

  • Thinking about the last time you watched TV, which, if any, of the following devices did you also use to access the Internet at the same time?

We know that multi-tasking is massive and this is a key area to understand going forward in terms of looking at the interplay between traditional / linear broadcasting and applications on mobiles or tablets. The need for this focus was made even clearly in the last wave when the new question on the location of mobile internet access showed that “home” was the number one location. People never adopt technology in the way that they are supposed too!

  • When accessing the Internet via your tablet or mobile, which is your primary location?

We’ve added a column to enable tablet users to specify location of usage.

  • Which of the following operating systems run on your tablets?
  • Which of the following operating systems run on your mobile phones?

Increasingly the way that consumers choose a device and use it is dictated by the operating system. This will be fascinating on a global basis.

  • Which of the following location based services have you used in the past month?

Do people really use Foursquare or is it hype? We’ll find out in Wave .

  • When purchasing products/services for your business or department, which of the following sources most influences your decision?

We are increasingly working with B2B focused agencies and brands. While we have a unique set of questions on work category, decision making, company size and seniority there is a growing need to understanding specific impact of social media in business purchasing.

  • Thinking about all of the ways in which you can interact with a brand or company online, which have you done in the past month?

This will be a fascinating question, exploring how consumers interact with brands across all social touch points

Changes / Dropped Questions

Both of the following questions will be shifted to an annual basis, providing an annual benchmarking:

  • When you seek an opinion on a brand you are considering buying, which of the following people would you trust to provide you with the most accurate opinion?
  • The following descriptions are for technology products and services that have been in development and will gradually become more available over the next few years. If they were available to you now, for which ones would you be interested regardless of how much they cost?

Timeline for adding questions to Wave 6

In every wave we have an increasing demand for to add private questions and brand categories and there is a finite set of space that we can allocate.

This means that we operate on a first come, first serve basis. The final deadline for additions is August the 15th. However if you are interested, we recommend speaking to your account manager as soon as possible, so we can work on guaranteeing inclusion.

There are a number factors that dictate the cost of adding questions / brand categories:

  • Number of Markets
  • Number of questions
  • Survey Time
  • Wave Commitment
  • If the data is private or can be resold (e.g you may rather make a brand category available to other subscribers as it reduces your cost of adding to the survey and sometimes it can make commercial sense i.e if you want the data to be a standard in your category or if you are looking to sell or advocate your brand)

Prices range from £3K for a single market to £28K per wave per category / question

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