Wave 6 fieldwork is now live!

The cycle never stops – with wave 5 results freshly out from the press we have now started fieldwork for wave 6.

We’ve added more questions to the survey so you’ll have more detailed, valuable information and a better understanding of consumers’ online and social media behaviour to look forward to.

A more in-depth and exploratory survey

Look forward to learning and understanding more about how online consumers:

  • Manage their image online and how they want to be perceived.
  • Manage their own privacy and what they are willing to disclose / publish online and where.
  • Communicate with each other and what they consider to be acceptable “online language” and what is considered unacceptable.
  • See whether there is such thing as an online etiquette.

We have also added more areas to explore within the existing questions on internet users across all our countries. You will know more about:

  • Their lifestyles and what they think of themselves as real people.
  • What other devices they use to access the internet.
  • What kind of websites they go to and more about what they do on these sites.
  • How they interact with offline platforms and how that translates with their online behaviour.

More detailed information for specific countries

We’ve also taken a closer look at consumers’ social media habits in APAC markets, South Africa and Central Europe by probing further on local and specific social networks and websites. This allows us to gain a better understanding of their online and more particularly their social media behaviour.

Growing the sample at the right time in the right markets

Finally, we are continually growing our sample of respondents, but also ensuring growth is in the most relevant markets. We have decided to grow our sample organically by increasing the number of respondents in the BRIC markets that we cover. These markets are fuelling growth in social media behaviour – both in volume and value. We have doubled the number of respondents in China and increased sample sizes in the other markets by 60%.

Results from the fieldwork of this wave will be available in early November.

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