Due to the high level of demand for last week’s webinars, we’ve decided to run this month’s webinar once more for those who missed out, or for those who want to ask more detailed questions about digital media consumption around the world.

This webinar will cover key insights from our Digital Reality Report (download here). For example, did you know that the two leading mobile internet markets in terms of time spent online per day are Saudi Arabia and the UAE? Or that the top two countries in terms of time spent in social media are the Philippines and Argentina?

How we interact with media is changing dramatically around the world. The time people spend on media outlets and on what devices they choose to consume and interact with media content, is highly important when trying to understand how best to deliver the most appropriate marketing strategies.

Join Director of Consulting Brett Petersen for our latest webinar to hear more about global Internet trends and hear first hand what our research suggests about how we’re spending our time online.

SESSION 1 – 16:00 (UK) / 08:00 (San Francisco) / 11:00 (New York) / 18:00 (Tel Aviv)

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