From Wave 4, Hong Kong is part of the GlobalWebIndex. So here are some quick facts to introduce the country.

  • Total Population (2010 census): 7,061,200
  • Official Languages: English and Chinese.
  • Active web population (2010 estimate): 4,700,000 (66% of total population)

The following statistics are based on the GWI sample collected in February 2011 for Wave 4.

  • Sample size: 768
  • Mean age: 37.09
  • Median education: Trade / Technical school or college (27% of sample)
  • Median income: 289,000 to 433,000 HKD (30% of sample. Approximately averages to 28,500 GBP or 32,700 EUR or 46,300 USD)
  • Leading social network: Facebook (2,42 millions users; 94% market share)
  • Leading Mobile Brand: Nokia (1.74 millions devices)

Image from Wikipedia.

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