Snapchat hit the headlines again last week when BuzzFeed and iHeartRadio were added to its Discover feature at the direct expense of Yahoo and Warner Music Group.

With just eleven brand-owned channels available on Discover, the substitution of two relatively traditional names for these younger alternatives is a clear reflection of the type of content that Snapchat’s teen-dominated audience is looking for.

Interestingly, GlobalWebIndex’s Q2 2015 data shows that far more Snapchatters are monthly visitors to Yahoo than Buzzfeed. But it’s the index that matters hugely here: compared to the average internet user, Snapchatters might be almost 1.5x as likely to visit Yahoo but they are 3.8x as likely to be using Buzzfeed.

They’re notably ahead of the curve when it comes to consuming online radio too. On a typical day, Snapchatters are tuning in for around 0.85 hours, whereas the typical digital consumer listens to online radio for a lower 0.64 hours.

With Snapchat more than willing to switch partners to better fit the profile of their users, all this suggests that some of the other launch brands for Discover should be looking over their shoulder rather nervously.


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