With the iPhone 6, Apple once again reminded us just how well it can deliver seriously profitable devices. But the launch of the 6S – which by all accounts will be announced today in San Francisco – begs the question: can the 6S gather a whole new batch of converts or has the 6 already stolen its potential customer base?

If we look at the US as an example, the impact of the 6 is clear to see. Despite being around for a relatively short amount of time, the 6 is now the second most popular model among US iPhone owners (over a fifth have one).

Of course, some 6 owners might choose to splash out on a 6S but it’s iPhone 5 and 4 owners who are the more likely prospects. In particular, the 14% of US iPhone owners who still have a 4S must be one of the most obvious target audiences. And they’re a group who illustrate just how many people are yet to upgrade to a 6 handset.


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