As part of our series on the ongoing World Cup, today’s chart puts a spotlight on the attitudes of World Cup Fans. Yesterday we delved into the reach of the tournament across demographics, and today, we will explore what brands can do to make them tick.

Interestingly, World Cup Fans are more interested in brand image than pricing. When we segment them based upon their attitudes, they over-index for having Aspirational, Cosmopolitan and Status Seeker characteristics. These over-indexes point to World Cup Fans valuing premium products, brand name and a general sense of prestige. They have the resources to back this up too, as they are 17% more likely to be in the top income bracket.

When we drill down to specific attitudes, World Cup Fans are 17% more likely to buy brands they see advertised and 16% more likely to say they are risk takers, showing that they are ad-susceptible and act on impulse. The only attitude which they are less likely to agree to than the average internet user is that price is more important than brand name, underlining the sense of prestige and status they want brands to provide for them.

The World Cup promises an adventure for its viewers and the teams they follow, and brands can take advantage by tapping into this during the tournament, putting World Cup Fans’ aspirational and status-minded characteristics at front of mind when planning campaigns.

World Cup Fans are defined as internet users aged 16-64 who watch the FIFA World Cup online or on TV.

For a full explanation of our attitudinal segmentation, click here.

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