Thursday’s blog previews more data from our new GWI Social report (download a free summary here) to look at which social networks/apps are currently considered to be the “coolest” by internet users in the UK and US.

That Facebook has an image problem among certain key demographics is clear. Ask all internet users to pick the “coolest” social network and Facebook is still top dog – not bad for a network which is more than a decade old. However, ask the same question to teens only (defined here as 16-19s) and Facebook’s rating tumbles dramatically. While 37% of all adults name Facebook as the “coolest” network, just 14% of teens agree. In fact, among this much-coveted and trend-setting audience, it’s YouTube that comes top.

Interestingly, Facebook-owned Instagram is the second “coolest” network for teens, giving more vindication for Facebook’s decision to purchase it. Zuckerberg and co. still have a challenge to overcome in the crucial messaging space, however, where Snapchat is notably ahead of either WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

Tumblr also performs much better among teens than it does among the general online population; together with its extremely healthy growth rates, it’s little wonder that Marissa Meyer has been pointing to the blogging platform as a major success story for Yahoo.

Want more of the latest social media trends and numbers? Download the full version of GWI Social here.


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