Online channels and communities constantly create new movements, cultures and ideas. This means brands need to stay on top of audiences’ changing interests in order to keep them engaged.

And due to this ever-changing online world, online Arts and Culture Enthusiasts are an elusive audience for marketers.

Here’s what you need to know in order to reach this cohort effectively.

1. They’re young.

Nearly a third of 16-24s are Arts and Culture Enthusiasts, proving the importance of targeting the right people with the right messaging.

As a whole, this is an audience that skews heavily young. 33% of them are 16-24, compared to only 13% being 45-54 and 8% being 55-64.

2. They’re cosmopolitan.

At 40%, Arts and Culture Enthusiasts are 42% more likely than average to fall within our cosmopolitan attitudinal segment, meaning they have a keen interest in other countries, people, ideas and lifestyles.

3. They love traveling.

Taking into account their prominent interest in other countries, this naturally means they’re keen travelers.

Almost 70% are strongly interested in travel and exploring new places, with nearly 40% saying they travel abroad at least once a year.

4. They’re online activists.

Arts and Culture Enthusiasts care deeply about social issues. More than a fifth discuss charities, good causes or environmental issues online each month, and almost 90% say they donate to charities.

Nearly 40% also feel strongly about buying natural/organic products or paying more for sustainable/eco-friendly products, highlighting their dedication to the environment.

This bleeds into their brand expectations, as this cohort are well over 20% more likely to want their favorite brands to produce eco-friendly products (31%) and support charities (16%).

5. They value traditional channels.

While Arts and Culture Enthusiasts are naturally a digitally-savvy bunch, primarily due to their age, they also have a strong attachment to traditional channels.

Their daily online time is nearly an hour longer than average at 7.5 hours. Despite this, they also devote nearly two hours per day to broadcast TV and 40 minutes to print press, making these channels crucial for brand discovery and advertising.

6. They prioritize their local community.

A look at their attitudes shows that while this group may have a global outlook, they also place a strong emphasis on local communities.

Over 80% think it’s very important to contribute to the community they live in, showing it’s crucial to think both globally and locally when targeting this audience.

7. They’re influenced by recommendations.

When asked how they discover new products, brands and services, print articles are key at 22%, again showing their affection for more traditional marketing channels.

That’s not to say the digital approach isn’t important. 24% of Arts and Culture Enthusiasts discover brands via online personalized purchase recommendations, making this a great opportunity for brands to approach this audience.

These findings illustrate why it’s so important to know how Online Arts and Culture Enthusiasts relate to brands, and how they do it differently from the general online population.

Their niche interests give brands the opportunity to diversify and segment their marketing strategies to become more targeted, and the insight to know where and how to engage this cohort.

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