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An API, you say? Here’s the latest on the GWI API, how it actually works, as well as 4 empowering ways to use it to your advantage.

What is an API, anyway?

An API (Application Programming Interface) is a type of software which connects two or more different applications, allowing them to speak to each other. It provides greater flexibility, enabling you to pull data across from one to another and save time in the process. 

In case you didn’t know, GWI has an API that does just this, enabling you to effortlessly access and leverage GWI platform content and functionality within your own environment. Our data, on your terms. 

Here’s just some of the ways you can use it to take your analysis to the next level: 

1. Blend different data sets together for a holistic view of consumers 

Want to build a view that’s completely unique to you? Our API enables you to extract the data you need from our platform and blend it with yours. Whether it’s social listening, customer purchase data or ad performance data, combining your sources can result in richer, more powerful insights. 

2. Seamlessly integrate our data into your daily workflow 

Automatically plug in our audience insights alongside other data streams, like sales and social data, to your existing dashboards or internal tools to bring everything together in one place. Pull the data into bespoke graphs and customize your view to give different stakeholders the insights they need, when they need it. 

3. Manipulate the data your way

Got a specific insight or learning you want to explore in the data? With our API, you can pull the data you need seamlessly from the platform into your chosen program, and get to work. Compare, contrast and filter different data points with ease to get to the insights you need. Filter with complete freedom to build unique views, such as which data points have changed the least, or calculate % growth over a set period of time. 

4. Spot new trends, without the legwork 

Did you know the data from our API automatically updates the moment it refreshes in the platform? There’s no need to check it manually – you can rest assured that you’re using the latest, most relevant data in your analysis, so you never miss a trick. No fuss, no fluff, just the freshest insights, ready to be squeezed. 

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