Hispanics are the single largest minority in the U.S. whose buying power sits within the trillions.

Comprising over 17% of the population, there are an estimated 54 million Hispanics in the United States.

But despite its enormity, this is a market that’s looked at by many as one homogenous group – a mistake that’s costing marketers more than they may think.

Picture this. A 90 year-old Cuban immigrant living in Florida and an 18 year-old U.S.-born Hispanic based in California are both categorized as ‘Hispanic Americans’, but they couldn’t be further apart. Marketing effectively to these very different consumer groups means analyzing the individual interests, perceptions and behaviors that make them unique.

Our ground-breaking new Hispanics data set, delivered in partnership with Publicis Media, is giving brands the chance to dig deep into the vast number of Hispanic audiences for the very first time. This exclusive research shows that despite the huge differences setting each Hispanic group apart, there are some insights that bind them.

Here’s a selection of our top findings.

1. Authenticity matters more than you think.

Authenticity and transparency are at the forefront of marketing conversations of late, as consumers become more vocal about critiquing brands that don’t portray this in their communications, and Hispanics are certainly no exception.

Insight: 6 in 10 Hispanics say authenticity is one of the qualities they find most appealing in a brand. This is a number that peaks among English-first Hispanic consumers.

Marketing effectively to these audiences means injecting an element of realness, openness and honesty in your messaging.

This can be achieved by ensuring every tactic and creative output is 100% consumer-driven, relying on deep consumer insight to tap into the interests and attitudes that matter most to them.

2. They value brands that are socially responsible.

Consumers value brands that do good. Whether that’s supporting a local cause or living and breathing an inspirational brand purpose, making a positive impact on society is becoming more important. For Hispanic consumers, this is key.

Insight: 34% say they find socially responsible brands most appealing.

This says they prefer companies with a conscience that do their bit to make a difference.

Marketing to these consumers means doing more than merely being tactical about your message, it’s about cementing an authentic brand purpose, and seeing it through.

3. They favor marketing that reflects their culture.

Hispanic audiences have a rich and unique culture, steeped in tradition.

And despite being immersed in American, English-speaking media, this uniqueness stands out as a key point of difference – something these audiences want to see more of.

Insight: 35% of Hispanics say they prefer ads that reflect their culture.

28% also say they prefer brands that feature Hispanic celebrities on English-language TV.  

For brands looking to target these audiences, investing in communications that infuse an element of the unique Hispanic culture is key. This is clearly something that’s valued across generations, which suggests brands could be doing more to integrate the right level of consumer-centricity.

4. They’re most likely to find new brands through social media.

With an average of 7 social media accounts, these are essential platforms for reaching almost every Hispanic audience. But they aren’t just used for entertainment purposes.

In fact, they’re playing a more prominent role in the path to purchase of Hispanic consumers.

Insight: 43% of Hispanics say they’re most likely to find new brands/products through social media, while 39% find new brands via TV ads.

This shows how important the role of social is becoming in brand discovery and the early stages of the consumer journey.

Brands that use data to map this journey from start to finish – identifying the channels, platforms, influencers and mediums that drive conversions – are reaping the rewards.

5. Quality is the factor that drives brand loyalty.

Every brand knows the value that lies in consumer retention.

If you can keep them coming back for more, you’re doing something right.

And while quality matters to most consumers, knowing what it drives for every target segment helps you decide what to prioritize. For Hispanics, it’s brand loyalty.

Insight: 62% of Hispanics say quality is the factor that most impacts brand loyalty.

This tells us they’re happy to spend (and continue spending) on brands that meet their standards.

Smart brands are using deep consumer data like this to go even further, finding out exactly what qualifies as ‘high quality’, what touchpoints are involved in enacting this brand loyalty and hence what marketing tactics they should be employing.

6. English is their preferred language when using tech (perhaps by default).

For every multicultural audience, language is a key factor to consider carefully when it comes to brand communications.

Language preferences can vary by channel, and for Hispanic audiences this is certainly the case; While two thirds are watching Spanish-language TV or listening to Spanish radio, it’s English that prevails as their language of choice when using technology.

Insight: 56% of online Hispanics are Spanish-first or bilingual at home, but 78% say they prefer to use their tech devices in English.

This tells us the marketing they’re being exposed to through traditional media should be different to what they’re exposed to on their devices.

Smart brands can tap into this insight by integrating more bilingual advertising in the home.

But there remains a question around whether or not the preferred language of choice in this case is merely by default – being the only form available.

This reveals an opportunity for brands to investigate more thoroughly among their individual target segments.

Leveraging unique insight for a smarter marketing strategy

Marketers in leading multicultural agencies have long been developing a deep understanding of the cultural drivers behind Hispanic audiences.

Our new Hispanic study, for the first time, enables these marketers to truly connect cultural and linguistic preferences with deep insight into social media usage, media consumption, brand and commerce touchpoints and every stage of the purchase journey.

This data gives brands the tools to build a deep, harmonized view of these consumers; the key to unlocking the single largest minority group in the U.S.

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