Brands today have access to an endless stream of data, but being data-rich doesn’t mean you have insight.

An insight is a universal, human truth about a customer. It reveals something unique about their perceptions and behaviors that you can tap into.

Our latest ebook outlines practical guidance on how to go from data to insight, integrating this into every stage of a marketing strategy for more targeted creativity and a solid ROI.

Here’s why it matters.

The Changing Role of Insight

Consumer insight has always been central to effective brand positioning and marketing strategy. Today, it’s taking on a whole new role.

Traditionally a lengthy process involving several arms of external research, uncovering an actionable insight took both time and resource.

And with the added challenge of juggling several different data sets with varying methodologies; the data not only took too long to get, it wasn’t adding up.

Now, every forward-thinking brand knows consumer-centricity is key – something only achieved by putting insight in the driving seat.

Because in the digital world, insight is everything.

What Smart Consumer Insight Tells You

As Carly Fiorina, former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, says: “The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.”

But the quality of the insight you retrieve depends on how the research is conducted, and the data collected.

A comprehensive data source like GlobalWebIndex allows you to build your own insights, tailored to your brand, so it’s guaranteed to have an impact.

Leveraging a panel of 22m consumers, research of this depth tells you everything you need to know, so you can implement the kind of marketing your audience wants to see.

Why it Matters

Unearthing a universal truth that’s tailored to your brand is worth the challenge. Here’s why:

    • It gives you the ability to take a truly consumer-centric approach.
    • It ensures less spend is wasted, as you know the audiences, channels and tactics to focus on.
  • It drives a greater ROI, with a streamlined data process you can trust.

Brands that leverage this are taking the guesswork out of marketing and building a data-driven strategy that delivers.

Find out what works for your consumers, and start putting the science behind your ideas.

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