Survey data is a crucial component of any marketing strategy. Why? Because there’s nothing more powerful than the opinion of the masses who have volunteered to share exactly what makes them tick.

Today, however, we see marketers looking to web analytics more and more for answers, hoping that a real-time approach will get them ahead of their competitors in today’s fast-paced world.

This, paired with growing concerns over data privacy means some brands are actually moving backwards, to a world with less data and therefore less strategic spending. Most pressingly, losing insight into a brand’s target market can impact the bottom line and overall market share.

In the wake of Jumpshot ceasing its operations amid controversy over selling user data, there’s no denying data is currency in today’s terms.

Data misconduct should of course, always be taken seriously. But gathering reliable insight into your consumers, ethically in line with how they want their data to be collected is possible. 

Here’s why opt-in survey data is more valuable than ever for market research and insight into consumer behavior.

It’s more reliable and accurate.

While analytics for social media and web channels certainly have their place in any marketing strategy, they can’t be your only source of data.

Survey data is the only reliable way of knowing not only what your consumers are doing, but why they’re doing it.

This insight doesn’t simply stop with tracked IP addresses, it goes far deeper to ensure you’re analyzing real people, and what defines them.

Put plainly: without hearing it directly from your consumers, you can never be sure of their actions and intentions, or the motivations behind them.

But the key lies in finding a valuable source of data and marketing research you can trust. This is where research and methodology matter most; you should know exactly how your research is being conducted, including sample sizes and quotas used, to get the right analysis.

Marrying this with your other data sources allows you to paint a more coherent and accurate picture of your target consumers.

When you know your research is reliable, both in terms of methodology and accuracy, you can shape a data-driven strategy to believe in.

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It’s more ethical and GDPR-compliant.

In the post-GDPR era, ensuring your data is ethically collected and the privacy of your consumers is respected is something no business can afford to overlook.

Just look at the media coverage over the past few years: not being compliant is damaging, and the effects can last forever. 

With many sources of data, compliance means ticking a box to offer consent, allowing for the tracking of IP addresses and storage of information. But these terms can often be misleading, resulting in consumers unintentionally opting in for usage of their personal data.

Quantitative research such as survey data, like that offered by GlobalWebIndex, operates under a clear, fully opt-in methodology meaning all the insight gathered is willingly and intentionally provided by the respondents themselves.

To offer complete transparency into our approach, we clearly outline how we ensure GDPR compliance through our data collection and processing.

This means you can rest assured your data is being collected correctly and ethically, while getting the insight you need to shape campaigns and strategies that will resonate.

It allows you to go deeper.

Knowing what your consumers are doing and where they’re spending their time is fundamental to an effective media and marketing strategy, but this isn’t all there is to know.

Survey data allows you to dig deeper than other sources allow, helping you understand far more than what’s on the surface.

Using data that analyzes interests, attitudes, preferences and perceptions, you can get a much more in-depth understanding of your target consumers.

This enables you to build out data-driven buyer personas and consumer journey maps that build a foundation for truly cutting-edge personalized marketing.

It’s more tailored to your needs.

Unlike other kinds of data, survey research can be customized to ensure you’re getting the answers you need, from the right consumers.

Custom research of this kind enables you to tailor your data to your business needs and target consumer groups in as much detail as possible.

This gives you the opportunity to ask your audience exactly what you want to ask, fueling more consumer-centric decisions and assessing the uptake of your products or ideas before going to launch.

What’s more, it enables you to ask more in-depth questions to take your personalized marketing approach to the next level. – without harvesting any data consumers aren’t willing to share.

In the wake of GDPR, this is a fundamental step for every business to take to ensure their programmatic advertising withstands the test of time.

It’s accessible to anyone.

The need for deep consumer insight is becoming greater as brands realise with more reliable data comes more strategic decisions.

For this reason, data and insight is moving in-house, becoming more ingrained in every day activity, with more resource being dedicated to expert analysis.

But to extract immediate value from survey data, you don’t need to be an expert.

Using research conducted and analyzed through GlobalWebIndex, you not only get in-depth analysis, you get the actionable recommendations to go with it.

That means less resource and expertise is needed, and it’s easy to get the value you’re looking for.

Getting it right

With solid consumer research, the opportunities are endless.

Brands of every size need access to the kind of granular consumer data we collect, because survey data is not only more valuable than ever, it’s a crucial component of success.

Tips for getting it right

  • Research your provider’s methodology.

When it comes to data collection, a transparent methodology is key. Research your chosen provider’s process to ensure it’s the right choice for you.

  • Validate your targeting.

Before conducting research into your target consumers, it’s essential to know you’re looking at the right people. Using a custom research solution like audience targeting validation will ensure you set out on the right foot (in turn, helping maximize your reach down the line). 

  • Consult the experts.

Knowing what kind of sample size you need, along with quotas and measurement techniques requires a deep knowledge of survey research. Get expert help to ensure you get the most value from the data you retrieve.

  • Align your questions with your business objectives.

Knowing what questions to ask your target consumers and how to frame them is essential to getting the answers you need. Consult the data experts to ensure your surveys align with your business goals and objectives.

  • Make your research easily accessible.

For your research to have an impact across the business, it’s important to integrate with your own data and platforms. Using an API, you can plug GlobalWebIndex into your own systems and processes, easily accessing all insight in one place.

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