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What would we do without search functions? The ability to have vast amounts of information just a few keyboard taps away has become such an intrinsic part of our everyday lives, it’s hard to remember what we did before Google. 

With consumer behavior constantly evolving, it’s super important to stay bang up to date with how these different patterns and trends can affect your brand. Being able to instantly access a wealth of data about your audience with a quick search helps you stay ahead of the curve. 

So we thought, what does a platform housing the world’s biggest study on the online consumer need to get you better insights? 

Introducing smarter way to search

Understanding your audience based on their hobbies and interests gives you the unique ability to put your product or service front of mind. Being able to scan through thousands of questions – from what type of shampoo they use to how they view sustainability – in a matter of seconds means you can make the right decisions for your brand, fast. 

Here are the top five things that make our search function so absolutely awesome (if we do say so ourselves).

1. A smoother way to search 

Work smarter, not harder, right? And with smarter searches, GWI does the work for you. Our smart semantic search function uses machine learning to find similar attributes to what you’ve typed in – so searching ‘vegan’ will also pull up ‘veggie’ and ‘vegetarian’ insights. 

Image showing GWI search function for vegan

Not only does this broaden your search without having to run multiple queries, it also might lead you to some nifty insights you didn’t know you were missing. For example, using our GWI USA data set, you could find out that around a quarter in the US are interested in reducing their meat consumption. Hello, new potential customers…

2. Get faster results

Consumer behavior is a shifting landscape, and it’s moving faster than ever. Time is precious, and being able to jump on the next trend ahead of the curve is vital. Being able to instantly access data from around the globe with a few keystrokes means less time spent looking for the right insights, and more time making the right decisions for your campaigns. 

3. Find inspiration

We love a quirky stat as much as the next person, especially when it might just give you that vital edge. Being able to spot those gaps in the market is easier than ever if you’ve got insider info on your audience’s passion points. Finding out that over a quarter of baby boomers are interested in live events such as music festivals, for instance, means you can work on a campaign designed specifically for them, making sure it really lands with your target audience. 

4. Simplify data-diving

We love data. It’s kind of our thing. But we know not everyone else loves data like we love data, and that sometimes looking through dashboards, charts, and various crosstabs can seem a little daunting. So we’ve taken the hassle out of data discovery, and done the heavy lifting for you by surfacing the key insights you need to save you from deep-diving. Our new way to search means everyone in the team can dive into the data for a quick insight, saving you time and effort.

5. Search in one place

Everything about your audience, in one place. Isn’t that the dream? Welcome to the GWI reality. Having a diverse audience is awesome for being able to reach more people with your brand, but it also means targeting them can be tricky. Audience segmentation is the way to go for specific campaigns, but what if you just want an oversight of what your whole audience thinks or feels on a certain subject? Get the bird’s eye view with our smart search.

Image showing GWI search function for how people prefer to spend their time

For example, using our Zeitgeist data to uncover that 53% prefer to spend their time online than in the real world could provide you with an entirely different angle to start segmenting your audience by. 

GWI search equals better insights

So, there you have it. A smarter way to search from GWI; a starting point to insight discovery, a quicker way to dive into the data, and an effortless way to view your audience. Forget trawling through endless survey question results, our search is all you need.

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