Reach and frequency analysis has always been a crucial part of campaign planning and media buying.

But when it comes to international TV campaigns, measurement solutions have so far fallen short in offering a truly global, up-to-date and harmonized view of how they’re doing, and what the opportunity is.

Common techniques include surveys on viewing habits and behaviors that are too narrow in their scope, or take too long to accrue the right data.

This not only slows down decision-making with lengthy waits for fresh insight, your audiences and markets are limited to only the most widely targeted. 

This hugely limits your ability to get your targeting on point. 

Our new TV reach and frequency solution was created to tackle that challenge.

Taking ads further: From regional to global

Running a successful international TV campaign relies on having the right data. 

But with a lack of insight into global campaigns – all the way from concept through to activation and measurement – it’s a problem that’s resulting in massive waste across the industry, and a wealth of missed opportunities.

With data that’s globally consistent – meaning it’s measured equally across all 42 markets – it’s possible to get a much broader understanding of international audiences and the opportunities within.

This gives you a multi-market view of how many people your campaign will really reach, and how much spend it’s really worth.

Moving beyond income to reach untapped audiences

International TV channels have long been seen by high-end brands as a powerful means to reach affluent shoppers and business leaders, and this is obviously still an incredibly important focus for them. 

But are potentially lucrative audiences being overlooked?

While these channels are still highly effective at targeting affluent audiences, a study we carried out with the International Television Research Group (InTV) shows there are millions of highly valuable consumers who fall outside the top income segment.

This, along with the fact that linear TV still represents the single biggest daily media activity after social media, shows just how far the opportunity stretches.

As Sonia Marguin, Chair of the inTV Group and Head of Research at Euronews puts it: “While international TV channels will always remain a valuable source of affluent consumers for upscale brands, we can now see that there is also huge potential for other premium brands who are looking for highly active consumers, but who had seen international TV channels as the bastion for top-end luxury brands before.”

The challenge up to now has been uncovering who these audiences are, and measuring that opportunity in a reliable and accurate way.

Our new solution makes it possible to do just that; going far beyond income brackets to target and measure previously untapped audiences. 

What makes this possible is the size of our sample – with the world’s largest survey on the digital consumer, you can go as niche as you need, using over 40,000 attributes on each internet user.

Getting faster answers for better results

It’s nothing new that businesses are leveraging consumer insight to drive strategic decisions. But today, with vast improvements across research and technology, they’re using it more than ever. 

Media companies are no exception to the rule – but it’s not as easy. 

Getting tangible insights into TV reach and frequency using traditional solutions can take up to a year, meaning decision-making – and ROI – is delayed.

With quarterly data releases, our new solution means this is no longer a barrier to success. Media professionals can get the answers they need with the most up-to-date insight, when they need it most. 

What’s more, the intuitive user interface of the data and tool all housed under one roof makes it far easier to convert data to insight.

Moving processes forward with integrated systems

Data overload is a common problem for businesses of every shape and size. An even bigger problem is systems not talking to one another; one platform is used for consumer profiling, another for planning, another for measurement. 

This causes a massive headache for planners and strategists who need reliable and consistent insights guiding them in the right direction at every stage of the campaign process.

Our solution was created with that problem in mind. Using the same platform used to profile their audiences, media professionals can measure reach and frequency in one place, using one methodology. 

Having consistent data across the board not only means better campaigns, it means processes are made simpler, and there’s no room for error.

Taking ad sales up a notch

So what does all this mean? Well, for professionals in the TV advertising sales space, it’s a big deal. 

In short, it means there are less barriers in place when it comes to driving sales. Having globally harmonized data at your fingertips replaces the guesswork; clients and prospects get a true view of who their campaign could reach, and sales reps get the insights they need to back up their ideas.

In a wider sense, this marks an important shift for TV advertising into the digital age, through data innovation.

So with more reliable and efficient TV ad measurement – what’s stopping you from going global?

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