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So I’m new to GWI, but I’m pretty damn blown away. 

When I took on my new role as Chief Product Officer at GWI, a few things stood out – the culture of innovation, the growth mindset, the biggest clients in the world, the unique value that our growing range of products offers to anyone who needs to understand their audience. 

Audience insight is for everyone.

This is the vision that made me so excited to join the team at GWI. And it’s a vision we’re delivering on with our new platform. 

Anyone trying to stand out in today’s complex and ever-changing landscape knows how difficult it is to make good decisions at the pace needed to thrive. 

Understanding what consumers want, need, and think is at the heart of making those good decisions, but meaningful insight isn’t always easy to uncover. Especially if you don’t have access to or time for custom research or complex analysis.

Seven years ago, GWI launched its platform into the world, unveiling a whole new way to get fast answers on your audiences, markets, sectors. It meant jumping into a pool of over two billion consumers with a simple subscription.

Today, we’re bringing a whole new solution to market more in line with the fast-changing needs of our diverse clients. 

Here’s why.

1. People want and need deeper insight, much (much) faster.

Let’s face it, uncovering really transformative insight isn’t easy. (Whether that’s the jaw-dropping kind that can turn a strategy upside down and plant you firmly in a whole new direction, or the inspiration to make a small change with huge impact.)

The opportunity to make data-led decisions is bigger than ever – we’ve got far more data at our fingertips, but many are dealing with a serious case of ‘data overload’. 

Clients say it all the time; one of the things they struggle with most is finding the right data and insights. 

But with a new generation of workers, remote workforces and diverse roles, everyone wants, needs and expects deeper knowledge – fast.

We built our new platform to be seriously flexible and effective in helping you reach incredible new levels of audience understanding, as fast as possible. 

That means being able to choose and build bespoke audiences, overlay questions and answers, and manipulate the data as you see fit, pulling out better quality answers on the stuff that matters most to you.

2. Making fast decisions means you need to be sure you can trust your data.

Yes, every business decision we make should be based on solid data. We’ve heard it a thousand times – and we know it’s true. 

That said, it’s sometimes easier said than done.

You’ve got a million tasks and demands on the daily, you’re time-poor and under pressure and you need to make things happen. Time is of the essence. At times like this, making mistakes with complex research is pretty easy, and getting to those groundbreaking insights fast is, in fact, not.

We built our new platform to be as intuitive as they come, making it super easy to use.

It removes any tinges of doubt you might have by keeping your analysis in check as you work, with filters, warnings and simple guidance. 

That means being sure the decisions you make are grounded in solid, trustworthy insight. It also means that even if data analysis isn’t your main job, the doors of market research are open to you (even when they’re stuck for time).

3. In an ever-changing workforce, keeping teams on the same page isn’t easy.

We hear it all the time; keeping your people aligned, with one source of data, one hymn-sheet and one narrative view isn’t easy.

But to move quickly, businesses need to be able to distribute insights fast across their organization to multiple stakeholders – in a controlled way.

That’s why we’ve built our dashboards – a way to keep your teams aligned and informed, whether there’s five of you in a busy start-up or thousands across a global enterprise.

With the ability to build your own story, selecting bespoke insights to drop into a clear dashboard, and share it in an instant, you can arm your employees with one, consistent and in-depth view of your audience, so every story stays the same.

This is powerful stuff, because it means powering your business to be truly data-driven.

Being an expert on your audience doesn’t have to be hard work.

At the heart of all these major changes is one core belief: knowing your audience isn’t an art form reserved for data heavyweights. 

Everyone should have access to the answers they need about their consumers, from their consumers, because that’s where good marketing is born. 

In a world where truth is hard to pin down and consumers hold the power, it’s more important than ever to make decisions based on robust research, so that you can really zero in on consumer needs and stand out from the crowd. 

With fully-opt in survey data that taps into the mindsets of over 2 billion consumers on one subscription – that’s not so hard.

Marketers, beware: your jobs just got easier. 

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