As home of the world’s largest survey on the digital consumer, we pride ourselves on being global leaders in market research. And as such, we know the survey-taking experience needs a refresh.

Reaching the modern internet user is becoming more of a challenge.

It takes leveraging the channels and platforms that reflect how 21st century consumers interact.

Our new survey technology, Pollpass, enables brands and agencies to generate bespoke insight in real-time from any demographic, in any location, on any device.

Breaking the mold in how surveys are conducted, here’s why we’re changing how it’s done.

1. Higher engagement = better quality insight.

Not many would describe taking traditional surveys as a compelling experience.

Our new chatbot-led solution is injecting some personality in the process, with a built-in messenger format to better reflect how people communicate today.

Offering engaging rewards to keep respondents motivated, the surveys are also far more responsive.

We’re doing this to keep people as engaged as possible, because when they’re engaged, they’re more willing to delve deeper, resulting in better-quality insight.

2. More flexibility = more respondents.

Many traditional surveys aren’t built with the consumer in mind. To make sure respondents are prioritized, we knew surveys needed to be made flexible, to work around their schedules.

With our new solution, respondents can easily dip in and out of surveys without losing any submitted answers, meaning they don’t need to hurry their answers.

What’s more, the Pollpass platform was built for mobile, so they can carry out entire surveys on the go. This level of flexibility makes it much easier to recruit respondents and create the ideal sample for your research.

3. Faster turnaround = smarter decisions made in time.

In market research, timing is everything, and fresh data is key.

But with many traditional surveys, fieldwork and analysis can be a lengthy process, often resulting in marketing decisions being made without the insight that’s needed to be sure they’re the right ones.

We’re speeding up the process of harnessing high-quality responses, collecting more data in less time by removing the friction of page load times and clunky UX designs.

With Pollpass, you can request a survey to be put into market and receive the results within 24 hours.

4. More tailored surveys = insight that’s aligned to business metrics.

Data collection is now a far more targeted solution. Along with being mobile-first, highly engaging and faster than before, we’re making the surveys highly customizable.

This means you can focus only on the questions that are most useful to you, and receive top-quality results that are truly tailored to your target audience and desired outcomes.

But unlike other survey platforms, Pollpass uses the same robust methodology from GlobalWebIndex that’s trusted by the world’s leading agencies, brands and publishers.

This ensures all surveys are conducted to the highest possible market research standards.

5. Mobile-first = meeting consumers where they are.

67% of consumers now say their smartphone is their most important device, and this is a number that continues to grow.

This poses a challenge for market research operators (and businesses) worldwide: solving the mobile user experience.

By making our surveys mobile-first, we’re offering the experience they’re looking for – simple, intuitive and shaped to fit today’s fast-paced lifestyle.

Insight in Practice: EntSight

Global leaders in audience intelligence, EntSight, operates at the growing intersection between Brands & Entertainment, working with top brands like BMW Group, IWC and Tommy Hilfiger, and putting data and insight at the heart of everything they do.

The rapid growth of the streaming-service market made it important for EntSight to get a deep understanding of these audiences in granular detail, including their behaviors, attitudes and motivations.

With a bespoke survey carried out through Pollpass, we examined the nature of audiences that spend their time on streaming platforms like Amazon Video, Netflix and Hulu in a bid to see what drew them to these services.

To ensure the insight was of the highest possible quality, the survey focused on:

  • How consumers felt about the inclusion of advertising in streaming services.
  • Whether they would consider exclusively viewing content on streaming services in the future.
  • How frequently they expect new, relevant content.
  • What would make them cancel their subscription.

Using our new solution, EntSight received 4,000 responses from relevant respondents within 24 hours of the survey being put into market.

The research EntSight derived from the GlobalWebIndex survey results paints a clear picture of streaming audiences’, covering areas that are highly important to its clients such as adoption, loyalty and opinions on advertising.

And with exclusive consumer insight like this at hand, the team can truly present themselves as data-driven experts, consulting clients with confidence.


Written by

Ali Little is Chief Operating Officer at GWI. Having spent several years working at media agencies OMD and UM, as well as client-side at Electronic Arts, he now dedicates his time to building robust data products and services that power marketing that works.

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