In another preview of our newly released Market and Region reports, today’s Chart explores the clear appetite for eSports among digital consumers in APAC.

Online adults in APAC are 32% more likely than the global average for watching eSports tournaments (21% did so last month). The pivotal role of South Korea in the development of spectator gaming as well as Tencent’s success in driving uptake in China are having an important impact here.

eSports is still very much evolving as a platform for brands and advertisers in Europe and North America, but the genre’s initial migration from online TV to broadcast media via the likes of Turner and ESPN illustrates the burgeoning opportunities that exist for brands.

And although APAC leads the way here at the moment, the increasing investment in US-based leagues, like Riot’s League Championship Series, suggest it might not be long before we see similar engagement across Europe and North America.

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